Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Remarks on Dr. Pratibha Naithani in JBU (24th Feb, 09)

This refers the remark of Shri Ramesh Rautela ,’Mukhya Mantri gaye par Pratibha naithani ke Ghar hi kyon Gaye’I did not understand the intention and reason for Shri Rautela accusing Chief Minister’ for his visit to Dr Pratibha Naithani.Paraiba Naithani is one of the celebrity of India and she belongs to a Gadhwali family. What is wrong there for Chief Minister visiting to such a famous lady of India? India Today positioned Pratibha Naithani among twenty one strongest women of India from a public survey, which means Pratibha is a well known figure of India . It is one of the main duties of a Chief Minister to pay a courtesy visit to such a dignity related to his/her state .Millions of Uttrakhandis are definitely proud of Pratibha Naithani and she is the symbol and inspiration for our pride too. I have been touring many places and meet people and when I say that Dr Pratibha Naithani is from our caste, area, or state, non-Uttrakhandis appreciate our community ,which has such a bold daughter. Dr. Pratibha Naithani provides our community a medium of recognition.Shri Rautela commented, “ kya is pariwar ka koi vaykti itna khyati prapt hai ki hum uske bare men nahi jante”If Rautela Jee does not know about the fame of Dr. Pratibha Naithani then Rautela Jee (if I am not mistaken , he is a social worker ) should be blamed and criticized for his utter ignorance about our famous people (migrated Gadhwali of Mumbai) .Shri Rautela jee also stressed on non contribution of Naithani family for Uttarakhand state movement. People may contribute our society from many angles , means or ways and how can we gratify only to separate state movement members and not other personalities who provided us fame, wealth, recognition etc.As far as CM’s willingness or unwillingness for visiting to late Shri arjun Singh Gusain’s house is concerned, it can not be compared with CM’s visit to Dr Pratibha’s house; because CM might be motivated by his political bondage or prejudices (Gusain jee (UKD) fought parliamentary election against a BJP candidate ). If we cant reach such a height of fame, where Dr Pratibha Naithani has reached we don’t have any right to criticize the credentials of Dr Pratibha Naithani (directly or indirectly). I don’t think there is much contribution of Uttrakhandis on the fame of Dr Pratibha that we dare to criticize her specially in comparison to other Uttrakhandis


sbhishma kukreti

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